What Do Our Athletes say?

“Under the guidance of Wei Cong, my lifts have been getting better and better every session - more weight and better technique. Best coaching experience I’ve ever had! Biggest takeaway has been to prioritize form and not just throw a bar around. Form has been one of our biggest focus and my lifts have never felt stronger! So far, I haven’t trained for a meet with y’all. I’m looking forward to see how much I can progress when actually prepping for a meet and to see what number I can hit. Keep doing what you’re doing!

My coach is very responsive and willing to work with my busy schedule which I really appreciate! Honestly, the coaching experience has been better than I could’ve ever hoped, especially when I’m halfway around the world”
“A lot of care and attention was given to my training regime! Down to each training session! Felt that my growth was a priority and Geordi strived to achieve the goals we set. Really enjoyed the process and the progress made with Geordi.

Some of my biggest highlights would be load management and how to train effectively and efficiently! Really learned a lot about powerlifting and strength training in general! Another highlight would be competing! Worked together with Geordi for my meet prep and he guided when I returned from an injury and into a streak of PRs during the competition.

Looking forward to larger totals and competing in bigger stages! I am very satisfied with the coaching process and experience I had with Geordi” 
“Working with Geordi has been amazing so far, Geordi has proven himself to be a very capable and dedicated coach throughout the past few months he has been coaching me for. Prior to that, I was following all kinds of online programmes without a clue on the proper techniques and form. I found myself making little to no progress and being very lost most of the time. However, under Geordi’s guidance, I have made tremendous improvements in my technique and numbers in such a short span of time! Most importantly, I now have a more positive attitude towards training and I have become a much more confident lifter.

Geordi’s tailors the program such that it is personalised to my goals and needs, he knows when to push me to go harder and when it is time to keep me in check. He provides personalised feedback and useful cues that have helped me to perform better, and is also able to explain things to me in a clear and understandable way; making sure not to overcomplicate things. Overall, I really enjoy being coached by Geordi and I cannot wait to see what else he has is in store for me.

One of the greatest moments was being able to hit 2/3 of my lifting goals with within 11 weeks of being coached by Geordi! Another big takeaway which i’ve also mentioned previously, was definitely the change in attitude I felt towards training, and the mental growth i have gained thus far.

I look forward to smashing more PRs and hopefully to compete at my first meet under ENSŌ!” 
Natasha Yap
“Wei Cong has coached me for about a year now, and through his guidance, I have improved my technique a lot especially for squats and bench. I used to only love deadlifts but I've learned to enjoy all the 3 big lifts now, more often than not. I've also learned to set more process-based goals rather than outcome-based goals when it comes to training, which helps me to stay consistent even if I don't see any apparent improvements in numbers for my big 3 lifts. Powerlifting has proved to be not just a test of my physical strength, but also my mental strength. As such, I am glad that I feel very comfortable talking to my coach about any training-related struggles I face, be it some discomfort I experience physically or psychologically. He always asks appropriate questions to talk me through those struggles and propose some suggestions, which I've found to be really helpful.

Progress in powerlifting isn't always about lifting more weights. It's also about lifting with better technique. Coaching under Wei Cong has helped me to pay more attention to my technique.” 
“Working with Wei Cong means being open and upfront on the training, providing relevant cues for each movement, and straight to the point on areas to work on. He is also very easygoing and friendly, making it easy to bring my thoughts and feelings across. His experience, and precise guidance, supported by data, makes training easier to understand and hassle free. For a lifter so used to doing cookie cutter programs, and YOLO form, it is definitely a great help in improving myself overall as a lifter.

The biggest takeaway is how each training/movement is deliberate. Analysing progress, how the body reacts to certain trainings, and working around injuries, makes training with ENSŌ a valuable process.

I hope to further myself as a lifter, break beyond my limits, as well as reinforcing my maturity as a lifter by overcoming my injuries and weaknesses.

Keep up the amazing work! I feel ENSŌ team has a lot of potential moving forward. Maybe mock meets set up by ENSŌ?” 
“Working with Geordi has been an memorable and insightful experience over the past 14 weeks or so. This being my first time ever being under a coach was slightly nerve-racking due to the initial uncertainty and expectations I felt I needed to live up to as a client. However, that wasn’t the case as Geordi approached me in a way that showed understanding of what my goals were and what his services could provide to help attain these goals.

Geordi provided concise and constructive feedback for the big 3 lifts and also accessory work which had a specific carry overs to them. Feedback was instantaneous and readily available when consulted. The biggest highlight of this experience was probably the peaking phase of my training in which able to attain small PRs which gave my the assurance going forward with the final block of training and my max out. Overall, Coach Geordi was awesome to work with, his grounded and analytical nature supplement by his easy going personality made this experience one hell of a ride.”