Giving Back

ENSŌ is proud to announce that we are an official sponsor for Schoolyard Showdown’22. As part of our sponsorship agreement with Tertiary Powerlifting Union, we will be sponsoring prizes for the meet. 

We understand that as a tertiary club, one of the most important things to you is to have your own training equipment for your athletes, and we want our prizes to help you kick start this dream. “Raising the Bar” aims to put a power bar into the hands of the winning club for Schoolyard Showdown’22. 


“Raising the Bar” will be conducted through a community fund-raising exercise, with one is to one dollar matching by ENSŌ, up to $200. These funds will be used to purchase gift cards for a power bar and/or other competitive equipment, to the discretion of the winning club. 

 As we count down the weeks towards Schoolyard Showdown’22, the collection and expenditure of these donations will be reported transparently through our stories each week, for public knowledge. The final expenditure(s) by the winning club will be reported after the meet as well. 

 Should there be any remaining funds, we will announce the current sum remaining publicly as well. These remaining funds will roll over to the next round of community fund-raising for the next event. In the scenario that these funds remain unused up to 12 months past the initial event of fund-raising, donated sums will be returned.


The winning club will be determined by the accumulated team points, as written in the rules from TPC’20:

1st Place: + 5.0 Points

2nd Place: + 4.5 Points

3rd Place: + 4.0 Points

4th Place: + 3.5 Points

No Total: – 5.0 Points

 If the winning club does not, or is unable to accept the prize, the prize will be passed on to the second place winner, and so forth.

In addition, if there are sufficient funds for a second power bar, the winner will be decided through a lucky draw amongst the volunteers. The volunteers can submit their names and school, for a ticket to the lucky draw. Similarly, if this lucky club does not, or is unable to accept the prize, it will be passed on to the second place winner, and so forth.

- Weekly Updates -

Final Tally

Final Donation Pool as of 28 Oct 2022:


Dollar Matching Goal:

$200.00 / $200.00

Carry Over Funds*:

$551.80 – $200.00 = $351.80

*All donors in the pool for the carried over funds will be informed about the details for the next run of Raising the Bar as soon as possible, for assessment of next initiative.

Best Team by Points

1st Place

NUS (36.5 points)

2nd Place

TP (28.5 points)

3rd Place

NP (26 points)

Lucky Draw Winners

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


For first place winners, NUS and SUSS, please send an email to [email protected] by 29 Nov 2022 to confirm acceptance of prize.

Please also provide us the following information for the co-payment of your equipment:

1. The item that your school/club wishes to buy

2. Where it will be stored, and how will it be used

3. Approval from the school/teacher-in-charge

After the purchase and delivery is made, please provide us with the proof of purchase and delivery as well.


Hello ENSŌ Powerlifting,

Items our clubs wishes to purchase

1. Dumbbell handle

2. Bumper plates

Where the items will be stored and how it will be used

Items will be stored in the NUS track store. The items will be used for weekly training sessions at our designated training area near the track store. 

(Note: Powerlifting NUS would be utilizing the voucher to beef up their budget for the equipment they are currently purchasing for their training venue)



On behalf of SUSS Powerlifting Competition Group, 

Here are the details as requested:

1. The item that our club wishes to buy

– A 2.2m Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell.

2. Where it will be stored, and who/how it will be used

– It will be stored in SIM gym, whereby both SUSS and SIM students will be able to utilise the barbell 

Terms and Conditions

1. The prize money may only be spent on gym equipment e.g. power bars, barbells, weight plates, collars, etc. 

2. The prize money may not be spent on individual equipment e.g. knee sleeves, belts, wrist wraps. 

3. Purchased equipment shall belong to the school club and not to any individual. If there is no established club at the moment of prize-claiming, the equipment shall belong to the school instead.  

4. Only relevant items on the receipt as stated in point 1 will be considered claimable. 

5. If the submitted receipt states an amount tallying less than the prize money, the remaining funds will be reabsorbed into the ENSŌ Raising the Bar funds for the next round of fundraising. 

6. In the event that the school club/school is unable to accept the prize within 30 days of the event, it shall be documented as such on the ENSŌ Raising the Bar webpage. The prize will be passed onto the runner-up and so forth.  

7. Submit a copy of your receipt stating the purchases by emailing [email protected], and provide the club/school’s transaction details for us to process your prize within 10 working days. Invoices are subject to review. 


Any clubs/individuals caught violating the rules stated above and spirit of the fundraising endeavor may be subject to a ban from any future ENSŌ Powerlifting prizes.