Junior/Tertiary Nationals '23

We are pleased to announce that Raising The Bar is returned for a second iteration, for the upcoming Junior/Tertiary Nationals ’23 by Powerlifting Singapore! 

This is the first time Raising The Bar is a prize sponsor for a sanctioned meet, and in conjunction with supporting the tertiary clubs, we hope that this will raise the competitiveness of the tertiary category.


For this iteration, we will continue the fundraising from the carry over funds from the first iteration of Raising The Bar. We are committing up to $400, for one to one dollar matching. This means that the prize pool goes up to $800, double the previous round!

Current Donors:

Justin Han $38.80 (Carry Over)

Goh Joon Khong $20.00

Flo Singh $93.00

Kaiju Systems $120.00

Final Carry Over Funds:


Dollar Matching Goal:

$271.80 / $400.00*

*Public donations will be accepted up to a maximum cap of $400, inclusive of the previous carryover funds. It will be capped at the last donor to exceed, and the excess will be split evenly. 


The prize pool will be split into two, as before, for the winning team, and for the volunteer’s draw. Volunteers from tertiary clubs can stand to win the prize for their club through lucky draw (the winning tertiary club will be excluded from the draw). Both winners will receive the prize in the form of a gift card, to be used to purchase a power bar and/or other competitive equipment for their club.

Powerlifting Singapore will publish the scoresheet tabulation, and run the volunteer’s draw. The scoresheet tabulation will be published for transparency.

The winning clubs can pass on the prize to the next place winner, if they choose to do so, or are unable to receive the prize. ENSŌ is able to offer a technical workshop to the club if they have passed on the prize.


At record breaking pace, the $400 cap was exceeded by our first donor, which wishes to remain anonymous, with a very generous donation of $150! Within the week, Raising The Bar 2 has achieved the dollar matching goal, and will be closed for donations! See you all at Junior/Tertiary Nationals’23!

We would also like to extend our appreciation to our second donor, with another generous donation of $100. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will refund your donation. We thank you greatly for your interest, and we hope that you will join us for the next iteration of Raising The Bar.

Final Prize Pool:

$400 + $421.80 = $821.80

Prize Value:


Best Team by Points

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Lucky Draw Winner


Reply from SIT:

Items purchased: 

– 1 pair of 0.5kg plates

– LeadStrong Competition Flat Bench

The total amount spent was $411.53 thus we will claim the full amount of $410.90. Attached are the receipts from the purchase. The account to transfer to is 421-80866-0 or Paynow to 92361380 under Goh Joon Khong.


Joon Khong


Reply from TP

To whom it may concern,

I am Zhaoqi, the secretary of TPFitness, I’m replying to the email about the purchase of new equipment 

The equipment we plan to get can be found attached to this email and the links to them are found here:

Powerlifting bar:


Liquid chalk:


As for the details of usage and storage. We will store them in the gym, used for TPFitness members or those given permission

The approval from our teacher in charge will also be attached to the email. 

Terms and Conditions

1. The prize money may only be spent on gym equipment e.g. power bars, barbells, weight plates, collars, etc. 

2. The prize money may not be spent on individual equipment e.g. knee sleeves, belts, wrist wraps. 

3. Purchased equipment shall belong to the school club and not to any individual. If there is no established club at the moment of prize-claiming, the equipment shall belong to the school instead.  

4. Only relevant items on the receipt as stated in point 1 will be considered claimable. 

5. If the submitted receipt states an amount tallying less than the prize money, the remaining funds will be reabsorbed into the ENSŌ Raising the Bar funds for the next round of fundraising. 

6. In the event that the school club/school is unable to accept the prize within 30 days of the event, it shall be documented as such on the ENSŌ Raising the Bar webpage. The prize will be passed onto the runner-up and so forth.  

7. Submit a copy of your receipt stating the purchases by emailing [email protected], and provide the club/school’s transaction details for us to process your prize within 10 working days. Invoices are subject to review. 


Any clubs/individuals caught violating the rules stated above and spirit of the fundraising endeavor may be subject to a ban from any future ENSŌ Powerlifting prizes.