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Welcome to ENSŌ Powerlifting. We are a community driven group of individuals, who aspire to empower the sport by providing accessible knowledge that goes beyond the technical. We recognise that Powerlifting is not just a journey of strength, but also of holistic development and personal growth. We deliver athlete-centered coaching, as we believe that every athlete deserves to be the stars of their own stories. We seek to be a platform for people to share about their journeys, and our content draws from the expertise and experiences of various members of the community. If you feel that you have something valuable to share, contact us, and start contributing today.

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What We Do


  • Bespoke training programs designed with the individual in mind.
  • Technical movement analysis through and feedback to help athletes realise their potential.
  • Club coaching services for tertiary clubs, with a flexible range of services.


  • Blog posts not just by us, but also from various members of the community!
  • Technical guides, athlete’s journeys, community retrospectives and more! We cover everything under the sun.
  • Interested in collaborating and publishing with us, or have any topics you would like us to cover? Let us know!


  •  We believe in the power of the community to empower the sport.
  • Initiatives include community fundraisings, prize sponsorships, mentorships.
  • If you find that your beliefs align with us, join us when we open our next initiative!

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